I am a person who loves to cook

Watches the news

Who hates being crook


I am not a morning person, so I drink coffee

Sits in traffic

Who loves their family


I am a person who presses snooze

Who loves holidays

Who hates to lose


I am a person who prefers summer over winter

Goes grocery shopping

Who eats treats after dinner


I am a person who sits in bed staring at their phone

Spends Christmas with family

Who hates being alone


I am a person who double taps on a pic

Presses the like button

Who scrolls through Instagram stories quick


I am person who loves watching sport on TV

Loves to relax

Who has a life, behind what most see


I am a person who makes mistakes too

Don't be quick to criticise

Because I’m very similar to YOU.


“Never judge another knight without first knowing the strength and cunning of the dragons he fights” - Richelle E. Goodrich